We take great care and dedication to what we do. But just don’t take our word for it, please take the time to read what some of our clients said about us.

一直以來我們都抱著極大的關懷及奉獻的精神, 去做我們覺得應該做的事 , 有興趣可以花些少時間去閱讀一些我們客戶對我們 的說話. 主佑。



Thanks again for helping with our Special Day!” (Shani )


Jane and her team have demonstrated their professionalism and I have no hesitation to recommend them to our friends!” (Mr. Chow )

I have to host a wedding party in December for about two hundred sixty odd people. I first booked the venue and I looked for a planner.

I asked for information about the planners and I was given the names. I spoke to each of them on telephone and asked for the brief outlines of what was to be done by a planner for such occasion. I studied the replies and telephoned to discuss with each planner about the replies.

At my interview of Ms Jane Wong of Fiesta Global Limited, she was informed of the venue for the party, with which she was quite familiar. She mentioned to me the facilities and limitations of the venue which I was not too aware of. She brought up various topics for my consideration and took me through each and every item to be attended to, such as the wordings and styles of the invitation cards, the particulars of names and addresses of the guests and how they should be addressed in the invitation cards. After over an hour with her, I was quite satisfied that she was quite experienced and competent to handle the tasks for me and asked her for the detailed proposals.

Back came the detailed proposals within reasonable period. We met again to discuss in details each step to be taken. My wife and I were quite impressed and we decided to engage Ms Jane Wong as our planner.

Jane took us to see various types of invitation cards and drafted the invitations for our comments and approval. After we had decided the style and form of the invitations, Jane attended to the order of printing.

We had to leave Hong Kong for several weeks and in the meantime we left every thing to Jane, such as the approval of the proofs and dispatch of the invitation cards to the guests. While we were away, we received from Jane several e-mail messages about the names and addresses of the guests which she thought might be incorrect and it turned out that she was right on each occasion. We were very impressed with her meticulous care.

We are now in close contact with Jane for the steps to be taken for the party which is drawing near. Jane and her team have everything planned and prepared in advance in various versions and will put forward them for our consideration and decision. So far they are always able to propose acceptable alternatives if we are of views different to their proposals. We were quite satisfied at the end of each meeting with them.

Jane and her team have demonstrated their professionalism and I have no hesitation to recommend them to our friends.

Thx for your effort for preparing and the big day!” (Agnes – 4th Jan 2015)

agnes tsang2009877


Detailed and Passionate Help!


Quick, Efficient, Supportive!



Very Impressed! Thanks a lot your guys for a Terrific Job. Our guests are so impressed with your professional service!” Antoine and Yan

antoine-after weddingyan-afterwedding

Everything is PERFECT.” (Waheed)

Jane, Really loving your work at home. Everything is perfect. Thank you very much. Will surely recommend you to everyone! !

They look massive, so thoughtful!!!

You are so thoughtful for making the decoration just matches 88 inches tall! And they look massive! Thanks!


Thank you soooooo much for helping us to get through!” (By Chelsea and Marc)

Thank you so much to all of you for helping us to get through yesterday. We enjoyed so much!~


  Truly Memorable and a Successful Event!

(By Andrew,Winnie, Jackie, Jocelyn, and David)

We would like to express our whole-hearted thanks for your devotion and hard work for making the event a success and a truly memorable one for our family.



Will Definitely REFER MORE!” (By Dan Yang)

Thx so much for such a good planning and coordination. Everything are so organized . Will definitely refer my other friends and colleagues to you!


Speedy Response with Great Wedding Suppliers! (By Arkesteijn)

We’ve appreciated the level of contact and amount of updates we have received. At no stage have we felt like things are dragging on and we are comforted by the fact that we know that you guys are “on the ball”. A key part of this is the speed of your responses to any questions we may have. Always on the same day, and normally within a matter of minutes. It’s also pleasing that the 3 of you each of your particular skill sets, and that these are being utilized to their utmost for our benefit.

We are also pleased with the fact that you guys are eager to find out what things we are looking for and listen extremely well to some ideas that we come up with and provide suggestions accordingly. Being a mixed style wedding brings with it a level of

complexity but you guys have given us strong direction in regards to things we are not sure of.

A highlight has especially been some of the service providers you have suggested, particularly the two MC’s and the florist/decorator. On both occasions these service providers have been sourced by you after listening to our wants/needs and on both occasions we were extremely happy with the suggested providers and also the cost of their services (almost half the budget on both occasions!). I know that without your input we’d still be searching through possible providers and having endless meetings before finding the right ones.

Let’s hope we continue to have the same good experience as we have enjoyed so far, as I’m sure we will.

How prepared you guys were and the subsequent follow up!” (By Jiang)

We discussed everything last night and we agreed that ideally we’d love for you guys to help us with our wedding. We’ve really appreciated how prepared you guys were

for our meeting the other night and also the subsequent follow ups.